Alaska State Elks Association Camp

ASEA Camp Applications

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The application process for submitting eligible kids to attend the Alaska State Elks Association Camp.

The Alaska State Elks Association (ASEA) major state project is the Elks Camp for boys and girls.  Each year, up to 100 boys and 100 girls are sponsored to attend one week of camp.  The local lodges are responsible for submitting the names of the kids that are nominated to attend the camp.

The goal of the camp is to give kids that would never have the opportunity to go camping, a chance to do just that.  Each child's trip is paid for by the Alaska State Elks Association.  This includes travel to and from their home city to the camp, their meals while at the camp, and some "spending" money so they can purchase small candy items while at the camp.

In addition, the trip is paid for by the ASEA. At the camp, the kids have been known to have a great time and establish life long friendships with other kids at the camp.  Activities at the camp include swimming, craftwork, hunter safety education (for the oldest kids), hikes, and other outdoor activities.

The camp is located on 640 acres of property owned by the ASEA and the Palmer Elks just outside of Sutton.