Alaska State Elks Association

ASEA Camp Forms

These forms are in PDF format.  You can open them and then save them to your computer.  They must be completed and turned into your local Elks Lodge as quickly as you can get them done.


Alaska State Elks Association

This is the intermediary organization between the local lodges of Alaska and the National Elks.  It is setup along the lines of a local lodge with chair officers, trustees, and a Board of Directors.

This level is responsible for forwarding local winners for different events and scholarship winners to the National Level

In addition, the State Elks Association hosts a the Major State Project, which for Alaska, is the camp located just outside of Sutton, Alaska.  Each year, all of the lodges sponsor five boys and five girls to attend this camp free of charge.  This gives kids who might never have a chance to go camping a chance to do that.  The cost of the camp is free for all of the campers.  Transportation, food, and snacks are all paid for by the Alaska State Elks Association.

To learn more about the ASEA major state project, select the link.  Alaska State Elks Camp