Member’s Only Page

As the website gets built, this part of the website will have more material in it.  We are looking to include a "storefront" soon.  This will allow our members to pay their dues on line.

Additionally, we would like to be able to put the other services on line as well such as RV spot rental and room rental.

Please stay tuned as we develop our website into a more useful tool for you, our members.

Please choose one of the options listed below to gain access to "Member's only" information.  This information will require a password.  You can get the password from the Lodge Secretary.

Palmer Elks Newsletters

Elks Manuals located on the website.  Selecting this link will require you to have an account with to access.

It is essential that all members of the Palmer Elks Lodge know what is going on in their lodge.  It is also essential the members be informed on what is going on in the House Committee.  The House Committee meeting minutes are presented here for all to read.  House Committee Meeting Minmutes are here:  Monthly House Committee minutes