Maintenance Corner

Welcome to the new page on the site.

The lodge is always in need of volunteers to help fix and maintain the facility.  John Douglass, our current maintenance committee, will be heading up some maintenance issues, please contact him if you are able to help.

Here are some of the issues he is working on:

In the basement, the raceway used to hide the plumbing to the bar and other piping is in need of repair.  John and Bruce are looking to take that on as a summer project to repair the drywall and the underlying causes of the damage to it.  The first step is to remove the old drywall.  A date has not been setup yet but stay tuned.

One of our members has been diligently working behind the scenes to "clean up" the electrical wiring that has been exposed.  He is nearing completion on that project but still could use some extra hands.  Contact John if you are able to help out.

A cleanup around the lodge is also in the works.  Springtime is a great time to do "spring clean-up".  John is looking at some dates now and will get that set pretty soon.

The fire suppression system is being looked at, even as this is being typed (4-3-19).  The air leak will hopefully be identified by the inspectors so we can finally relieve the strain being put on our equipment trying to keep up with the air leak(s).