Pearl Harbor Sign Restoration Project

As many of you may know already, PGER Mike Luhr has initiated a project to restore and renovate the interactive signs at Pearl Harbor National Park.

The signs in this park are in dire need of restoration and renovation.  Many veterans of WWII have had emotional reactions to the displays located here.  This is because of their personal involvement in this struggle between nations.  The Elks in coordination with the National Park Service would like to ensure the displays in the park are repaired and modernized to digital displays where possible.  What better way to honor our veterans of that terrible conflict than to present to all new interactive displays that show the fate of our veterans of that day and age.

Every Elks lodge in the United States has been challenged to raise $1.00 per each member.  To donate to this project, make your donation at the bar or to the secretary.

For further information on this project please use the link below.