Palmer Elks Lodge #1842

Eagle River is hosting a golf tournament this fall.

The Jules Mead Memorial Golf Tournament proved to be a big success for us this year.  To all that made this golf outing such a huge success, thank you.

Our neighboring Elks lodges in Eagle River and Anchorage helped us in our success, now Eagle River is in need to have a successful tournament of their own.  If you are a golfer and would like to help Eagle River host a successful golf outing of their own, well you are in luck, we just happen to have their registration form available and here it is.


A change in leadership.

Due to the resignation of ER Bob Coffin, a new ER had to step up and be installed.  Fortunately for us, Mike Southcott stepped up and agreed to take the position for the remainder of the year.  Mike resigned as  4 year Trusttee to fill this critical position.  Additionally, Mike Ceronin stepped up to take on the Leading Knight position.  When you see these two individuals, thank them for stepping up into these positions.

Finally, check out the pictures of the installation under the new Installation page in the Gallery Section.

A new page has been added to the website.

Check out the new page on the website, it is the Maintenance Corner.  On this page are listed some of the projects our maintenance committee is working on.

Please help John and the rest of the committee get these tasks completed.  Right now there are not a lot of jobs listed, but I know John and he will soon have me putting many more tasks and jobs to be completed on the page.

Status of the website

Our new website has been up and running since 1 January.  Throughout the first three months, several suggestions have been made, several changes have been done.  The website is still actively growing, don't stop making suggestions.

As new pages are added, it will be announced on the "Home page" portion of the site.  The new page will also be categorized under an appropriate menu heading so you will be able to find it at a later date.  After being announced, the notice will eventually be removed from the "Home page."  The page will still be available, you will just have to use the menu system to get to it.

On-going efforts to incorporate a store front for on-line payments of dues and donations is still being looked at.  While the concept of on-line payments and the implementation is actually straight forward, the ultimate question is how much does the lodge want to pay for this feature.  Research and discussion are on-going with this feature for the web site.  The intent is to have a reasoned out decision that will benefit the lodge and the members.

Finally, as you look at the web site of your lodge, if you have comments, suggestions, or other things like photos, please say something.  Don't let a good idea go by.


Coming Events at the Lodge

  • July 13, PER BBQ
  • July 21, Friendship Dinner and Raffle
  • Coming in August, the annual Palmer Elks Rat Race at the Alaska State Fair.  The sign up sheet is in the bar area by the front door.
  • In September, Kitchen cleanup is scheduled for our kitchen
  • Also in September, the second annual chili cook off is coming soon.  Look for details.
  • Another breakfast at the lodge will be coming in September as well, details will be coming out shortly.