Palmer Elks Lodge #1842

ASEA Camp applications

This is too important to have you dig through the site.

You can also find this under the ASEA page on this site.


We are in the process of building a new website.

As of 31 December, our old website hosting service is no longer hosting websites and we have had to move our website to a new hosting service.

As the new website editing software is learned, we will strive to make this a user friendly and informative website.

Please use the "Contact Us" form located under the "About Us" to offer suggestions about content on the site.

In addition, if you have photos of activities at the lodge, please contact the Lodge Secretary or the ER.

As we continue to revise the website, you will notice there are a couple new pages on the website.  One is for the ASEA camp, which should soon have the links to the PDF file for nominating kids to the ASEA summer kids camp.

Also added to the website is the officer list.  This list is located under the "About Us" menu item.  This shows the current listing of officers of the lodge.

One of the items being worked on is the "Store Front" for the Palmer Elks Lodge.  This will allow members to securely pay  their membership dues for the year online.  Additionally, you will be able to add additional donations to ENF, ASEA, as well as be able to purchase goods such as the lodge pins, t-shirts, coffee mugs and a few more items from the lodge.

I am looking forward to getting these additional pages added to the website to further enhance our service to our lodge members.

Coming Events at the Lodge

  • March 18th, volunteers are cooking a meal at Fisher House on JBER.
  • March 19th, BOD budget meeting
  • March 20th, House Committee budget meeting.
  • March 31st, the installation of new officers at the lodge will take place in the dining room.  Bob Coffin will be taking over the reins of leadership as the new Exalted Ruler.  He is still looking for some officer positions to be filled as well as some committee positions to be filled.